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Chesterton Playgroup is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and is a registered charity (charity number 1152029) and is run by four Trustees who are volunteers.

Chesterton Playgroup decided in 2012 to become an Incorporated charity ie a Charitable company Ltd by Guarantee. This meant that we no longer required a minimum of 5 voluntary committee members who needed to be parents or carers of children at pre-school in order to stay open but instead require a minimum of 3 Trustees who could be a parent of pre-school or a member of the local community.

We currently have 3 Trustees who are involved in Chesterton Playgroup. The role of the Trustees is to take responsibility for the overall running of the pre-school including overseeing finance, fundraising, legal requirements and staff appraisals. The Trustees meet regularly and the Pre-school Manager reports in to these meetings on a termly basis.

The Trustees are ultimately responsible for the implementation of the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (2014), however, the day to day implementation is delegated to the Pre-school Manager, Julia Hawkins.

The Trustees ensure that any funds raised through trading (fees) and fundraising activities are used to further the charitable objects of Chesterton Playgroup's Articles of Association. click to downloadDownload the Memorandum Of Association of Chesterton Playgroup

The Trustees are:
Annie Dallas: Chairperson -
Posy Watson and Gemma Haynes: Treasurers -
Jackie Meek: Secretary -
I moved in to Chesterton in 2006 and have two children. Christopher was born in 2008 and Anabelle in 2010, so they are now at Chesterton School, having been part of the Playgroup since they were both 2 years old. I really enjoy living in Chesterton and am pleased to be part of the Playgroup as an ex-parent and Trustee. The Playgroup is a valuable asset to parents of small children. My experience includes various administrative and HR positions in commercial and not-for-profit organisations, and since 2005 I've been recruiting finance professionals to go in to the international development sector. My role as a Playgroup Trustee is Secretary.
Jackie Meek

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Contact Details Julia Hawkins 01869 360593 or 07722 780 760 (Playgroup Manager and Emergency Chesterton Playgroup)

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